Kayak 4 Heroes is incredibly proud to support two incredible charities in the UK: the Armed Forces Para-Snowsports Team (AFPST), and the Association for the Independence of Disabled People (AID). Both AFPST and AID make an incredible contribution to the physical and emotional recovery of those living with disabilities across our country. 

The Charities

Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team

As an independent service charity, AFPST exists to support the recovery of our wounded, injured and sick military personnel and veterans. Having served their country, it is now up to us to ensure they are not forgotten. We aim to foster a sense of purpose, encourage success and re-build self-confidence using the transformative power of para-snowsports. By motivating, engaging and inspiring our athletes, we can help restore their physical and mental health.

Association for the Independence of Disabled People

AID has been launched to actively promote the needs of severely disabled people by initially creating an Annual National Disabled Day to provide a focus for the needs of the ever-increasing number of disabled people who still, all too often, have difficulties in accessing even the most basic facilities in the course of their lives, particularly where severe disability is concerned.AID changes the lives of individuals living with lifelong disabilities. The charity has partnered with ReWalk Robotics to give the gift of walking back to those living with spinal cord injuries.